I make art to bring the feeling that I get from being outside, in the natural world, inside.

The paintings and sculptures I create are inspired by organic forms, science, and rhythms and patterns found in nature. My process is intuitve, leaving me open to the exhilaration of discovery. A common theme that surfaces in my work is a feeling of lightness and balance; a place of contemplation. The paintings and sculptures are calm, slow, quiet. Objects float. Lines meander. Color is either soft or minimal.

I am a scavenger, a seeker, a collector. During my daily walks in the natural world, my eyes are constantly on the lookout for ideas and objects to use in my work. Morning dew drops on a leaf. Rocks split in half by nature’s forces. Driftwood and stones lying on the beach. These are some of the things I use as fodder to create. Being in nature fills the deepest part of me. I feel alive - my senses heightened - yet at the same time, completely peaceful.

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