I’ve always been drawn to working with my hands. There’s something completely fulfilling about starting with any kind of material and turning it into something useful or an object to admire. It’s pretty magical. I’m really interested in getting people to tap into their creativity, and doing crafts is a great way in. You don’t have to be an “artist” to make crafts, and it’s just plain fun. 

  • 1
    Needle Felted Wool Succulents
  • 2
    Wet Felted Christmas Ornament
  • 3
    Ceramic Bowl made of ceramic letters
  • 4
    Paper Mâché Cakes
  • 5
    Woodburned Cheese Board
  • 6
    Mid-Century Clock
  • 7
    Origami Mobile
  • 8
    Autobiographical Symbol made into a stamp (and wrapping paper)
  • 9
    Journal Cover
  • 10
    Journal Page: collage
  • 11
    Abstract Collage