I’ve been represented by galleries in Los Angeles and New York, and have shown internationally, as well. I’m interested in bringing the feeling that I get outside – in the natural world – inside, and am inspired by organic forms and patterns in nature and science. 

My process in making art has always been intuitive, leaving me open to the exhilaration of discovery. Nothing’s better than inventing new techniques or turning mistakes into something beautiful. I love working with color and creating texture either deliberately or through natural forces. The excitement that comes from experimentation, exploration and discovery is one of the most salient reasons I’m drawn to create.

  • 1
    Emerge no.2 (acrylic on wood)
  • 2
    Suspension no.1 (acrylic on wood)
  • 3
    Caught (wax, graphite powder on wood)
  • 4
    Flex (graphite powder on wood)
  • 5
    Grouping of Paintings
  • 6
    Reflection (acrylic, wax on wood)
  • 7
    Evanescence no.1 (graphite powder on wood)
  • 8
    Glimmer (wax, powdered pigment on wood)
  • 9
    Drift. no.1 (acrylic, wax on wood)
  • 10
    Flutter (graphite powder on wood)
  • 11
    Intersection no.4 (wax, acrylic on wood)
  • 12
    Maya no.5 (oil, acrylic on wood)
  • 13
    Nocturne no.2 (acrylic on wood)
  • 14
    Progression (wax, graphite powder on wood)
  • 15
    Winter (wax, powdered pigment on wood)