I’ve always been a scavenger, a seeker, a collector. During my daily walks in nature, my eyes are constantly on the lookout for ideas and objects to use in my work. Driftwood and stones lying on the beach. Morning dew drops on a leaf. Rocks split in half by natural forces. These are some of the things I use as fodder to create sculpture. I love the challenge of learning to work in varied media, too. Being in nature fills the deepest part of me. I feel alive – my senses heightened – yet at the same time, completely peaceful.

  • 1
    Drift Series no.2: driftwood, concrete
  • 2
    Drift 2.1: driftwood, concrete
  • 3
    Drift 2.3: driftwood, concrete
  • 4
    Evidence of Morning: cast glass “dew drops”, river rocks, steel box
  • 5
    Evidence of Morning (detail): cast glass “dew drops”, river rocks, steel box
  • 6
    Lint no.1: lint, thread
  • 7
    Lint no.1 (detail): lint, thread
  • 8
    Lint no.7
  • 9
    Wall Installation: Lint, thread, nails
  • 10
    Dream Chair: cast bronze branches
  • 11
    Dream chair (detail): cast bronze branches
  • 12
    Separation: found rocks split by nature’s forces
  • 13
    From the Sea: needle felted wool, stone
  • 14
    From The Sea: needle felted wool