works on paper

On sabbatical in Buenos Aires, I began to experiment with paper – sewing it with beautiful silver thread I found there, “drawing” by perforating it with a needle, and collaging onto it. This series of quiet work on white handmade paper was the result of my discoveries. Whenever I travel, I take my watercolors. The small paintings I do in my sketchbook serve as a reminder of things I’ve found and where I’ve been.

  • 1
    Sin Título no.7: paper, silver thread
  • 2
    Sin Título no.12: paper
  • 3
    Sin Título no.12 (detail): paper
  • 4
    Sin Título no.11: paper, silver thread
  • 5
    Sin Título no.11 (detail): paper, silver thread
  • 6
    Sin Título no.8: paper
  • 7
    Sin Título no.8 (detail): paper
  • 8
    Shells: watercolor
  • 9
    Pine Branch and Feathers: watercolor + Feather (detail)