Most innovative ideas begin with a need. In the case of ReTree, that need was creating a reusable holiday tree. I invented ReTree after seeing pile after pile of discarded trees post-Christmas littering the sidewalks of San Francisco. I knew there had to be a better way to celebrate that didn’t involve so much waste, and…ReTree was born! I designed the trees, as well as all the branding, website and collateral. I also made them and ran the business single-handedly. ReTrees are sold at high end design stores such as The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Museum Store and Heath Ceramics, as well as online. They consistently receive 5-star reviews and are loved all over the world.

  • 1
    ReTree 6ft Sapling decorated for Christmas
  • 2
    ReTree 6ft Sapling all lit up
  • 3
    ReTree 3ft Seedling decorated for Valentine’s Day
  • 4
    ReTree base (close up) with stamped logo
  • 5
    ReTree branches (close up)
  • 6
    ReTree 3ft Seedling decorated for Autumn
  • 7
    ReTree 3ft Seedling decorated for Spring
  • 8
    ReTree logotype and hangtag (front and back)
  • 9
    ReTree Seedling Box Label